1. Use a common text such as Times New Roman only.
  1. Use all normal upper- and lowercase alphanumerical and common punctuation available on the PC or Laptop keyboard.
  1. The Poster should not exceed: 100 cm wide, and 90 cm high.
  1. Posters will be numbered. Please place your Poster in its respective numbered site (space).
  1. The official language for Posters will be Spanish; English could be used, as long as it is translated to Spanish at the time of their presentation.
  1. Posters should be prepared on white paper as the  background ; should be readible at 1.5 mts distance. Capital letters should be at least 1cm high after the Poster has been enlargedd to its maximun size. Photographs should have a minimun adecuated size.
  1. Posters should include diagrams and charts, photographs, tables, or written text .The latter can include: An Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion (s). 
  1. Please prepare the Poster using light paper, which can be rolled up to facilitate its transport.
  1. The placement and lowering the panels as well as the schedule for presentations and discussions with interested participants will be announced in advance.

Biotecnología en la era de BIG DATA

Organizado por: INIA Uruguay, UNALM y REDBIO.
Del 21 al 24 de junio 2016

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Fechas Límite

  • Inscripción con descuento
    Hasta 31 de Marzo, 2016

  • Fecha límite para presentación de Resúmenes
    Abril 30, 2016

  • Confirmación de aceptación de Resúmenes
  • ( para aquellos presentados despues de Abril 1, 2016)
    Mayo 15 , 2016