• Report the results of research and/or review analyses, or other activities, of significative merit relating agricultural and forestry biotechnology and the relevant industry.
  • Include the following elements: a brief introduction, brief literature review, objetives, methods, results and conclusion(s), relevance to biotechnology and the sciences that support biotechnology.
  • Should not include references nor foot notes.
  • Should be in final form, without grammatical nor typographic errors or other errors.

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Initials of first and middle name and surname (e.g. J. C. García, B. Ramos)
Only the name of the institution / company, city, state / province, country.
The Author’s name presenting the work.
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Oral presentations will be selected by the Scientific Committee, based on the merits of the summaries.
No more than 300 words, excluding the title or the (the) name (s) of author (s), nor afliacion (s).
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